API – [v2.08.0]

In the newest release of the Costs to Expect API, we add a new `item` type, “Simple items”. The intention is the new `item` type will be used to manage lists and collections.

We found the process of adding a new `type` to be more complicated than it should; we have refactored the item code to organise the different item classes more sensibly.

The full changelog is below:


  • We have added a new item type, `simple item`. We intend that the ‘simple item’ type is useful for managing collections. The API will now allow you to list, add, edit and delete them.
  • We have updated the summary routes to calculate the correct summaries for the `simple item` type.


  • We have removed the effective date from simple expenses. Our intention is simple expenses are bucket based, not time-based.
  • We have updated the copyright for the API. 
  • We have moved additional methods in the base `item` classes to reduce configuration code duplication.
  • We have simplified the validation classes for `item` create and update requests.
  • We have renamed some of the methods on the `item` class to make the intent of the method names more clear.
  • We have renamed the item interface class.
  • We have moved the `resource type item` classes; they are below the`item` class; there is no need for them to be so low in the structure.
  • We have moved the factory class for `resource type` items.
  • We have moved the validation classes.
  • We have moved the `item` model classes; we have grouped all classes of the same type.