API – [v2.09.0]

In this release of the API, we have added general support for filtering; when we say filtering, we mean limiting the results by range. There are now four operations available to collections, pagination, ordering, filtering on a range and filtering on specific values.

We will add range filtering to the remaining non-item routes over time; currently, it would not be of any real value.


  • We have added range filtering to the `items` collection; initially, we have added support for filtering for the `effective_date` of `allocated expense` items.
  • We have added range filtering to the resource type `items` collection; as above, we have added `effective_date` filtering.
  • We have added support for range filtering to the `items` and `resource type item` summary routes.
  • We have added an X-Filter header to show the valid filters applied to a collection.
  • We have added a link to Costs to Expect blog; the blog is a central repository for all product updates and somewhere to talk about our products.
  • We have added a `FilterParameters` class to fetch any filter parameters from the URI and validate the format and values.


  • We have refreshed the landing page, we have added updated text for each of the products within the service.
  • We have tweaked the stying for the landing page.
  • We have renamed the data methods in the `Option` subclasses, the conditional prefix is confusing.
  • We have added an `interface` for the item model classes.
  • We have added an `interface` for the resource type item model classes.


  • We have updated the `Option/Get` class, the `sort`, `search` and `filter` parameters will only display if there are viable parameters.


  • We have removed the layout file, not used as there is only one view file for the API.