App – [v1.04.0]

In this release of the App, we have added a new welcome page and made all views work for each item type. In addition to the new additions, we have fixed a small bug and made several minor tweaks.


  • We have updated the tables and filtering controls, they are now specific to the relevant item type.
  • We have added a new welcome page which replaces the existing sign-in page. The welcome page provides an overview of our project.


  • We have removed the `resource type` view for item types where it doesn’t make any sense.
  • We have tweaked the design of the resource summary blocks.
  • We have removed unnecessary menu items for `simple-expense` and `simple-item` item types.
  • We have changed the resource summary blocks; we have customised them for each item type.
  • We have updated our roadmap.


  • Removed excess `p` tag on the dashboard.