App – [v1.06.0]

In this release, we become a better internet citizen, make managing assigned filters easier, tweak our styling and fix some bugs.


  • We have added the expected security headers to be a better web citizen.
  • We have added an assigned filters section above data tables; it is simpler to remove a set filter.


  • We have switched to a new font; the font is more legible at small screen sizes, and, it looks cool.
  • We have updated our front-end dependencies.
  • We have updated our back-end dependencies.
  • We have tweaked the styling of the “Start tracking” section.


  • We have tweaked the styling of the “API requests” table for mobile screen sizes.
  • We have updated our Uri/Parameters class; it casts parameter values to the expected type to allow more strict checking later in the flow.
  • We have removed an infinite redirect; Mrs Costs to Expect wasn’t happy that she couldn’t log in.