App – [v1.08.0]

In this release, we update the management of `simple-item` items. You can add items directly from the data table as well as adjust the quantity.


  • We have added an inline form to the `simple-item` data table; this allows quick addition of items.
  • We have added increment and decrement buttons to the `simple-item` data table; these enable the quantity to be adjusted swiftly.


  • We have renamed the $allow_edit variable; based on our permission system, $write_access is a more suitable name.
  • We have slightly reduced the cache lifetime; the App cache is a short-term solution until we add caching to the Costs to Expect API.
  • We have tweaked the `simple-item` data table; we hide the “Created” column at mobile screen sizes.
  • We have tweaked the API requests data table; we hide the “Response” and “Method” columns at mobile screen sizes.