App – [v1.09.0]

In this release, we are moving closer to having the detail pages for an item (allocated-expense, simple-expense, simple-item). The detail pages surface functionality: we need them in place to move on with development.


  • We have updated the expense and item tables. The category and subcategory names are links which will set the category and subcategory filters.
  • We have added a configuration setting to control whether the app should cache API responses, useful for development.
  • We have added the initial design for the item (allocated-expense) page.


  • We have updated our roadmap; we have set the status for our release features.
  • We have tweaked our Docker setup; we can optionally connect to a local version of the Costs to Expect API.
  • We have altered the pagination limits; switched to 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 250.
  • We have added a default value for the API to use, defaults to
  • We have been busy refactoring the code for editing expenses and items; we have removed some duplication and added helper methods.
  • We have updated the `Uri\Sort` class; we have added the ability to define multiple sort parameters. 
  • We have updated the table pagination view component; sort options get applied to the pagination URIs.