App – [v1.10.0]

In this release, we populate the item detail pages, fix a couple of permission visibility bugs and improve the performance of the App by removing redundant API requests.


  • We have added helper methods to return the write permissions for all resource types and specific resource types.
  • We have populated the data on the item page for the ‘allocated-expenses’ item type.
  • We have added the detail page for `simple-item` and `simple-expense` item types.
  • We have added related ‘expenses/items’ tables to the item detail pages.


  • We have split the code that generates the menu; separated into code that fetches data from the API and the logic which creates the menu items.
  • We have removed some redundant API requests; with the split to the menu code, we can easily fetch resources and resource types without making any additional requests. 
  • We have tweaked our roadmap.
  • We have made the ‘cacheableGetRequest()’ method in the Request/Api class public; we need access to it outside of the class.
  • We have updated the redirect after a successful edit; we send the user to the item detail page.
  • We have updated the default ordering for simple-item collections.


  • Edit controls are behind permission checks; buttons will only show when the user has the required permissions for the action.
  • We have fixed the visibility of a few table column headers; there could be a mismatch between when the value and heading displays.
  • We have corrected some rogue links.