API – [v2.10.2]

In this release, we fix a few small issues and tweak a few things. While we were tweaking, we updated the API to Laravel 7.


  • We have updated all item endpoints to return `updated`; this is the date and time an item was updated, not its category assignments.
  • We have updated item collection and show endpoints; we are going to allow the possibility of items not having categories and subcategories. When you add the `include-categories` and `include-subcategories` parameters to a request, we will not exclude items without category assignments.
  • We have updated the API to the latest release of Laravel 7.
  • We have updated the front end dependencies for the welcome page.
  • We have updated the `item-types` route to show additional information on each tracking method.
  • We have updated all decimal fields to 13,2 rather than 10,2.
  • We have updated all description fields; we have switched all the description fields from varchar(255) to text.


  • We have corrected a bad link on the landing page.
  • We have corrected a typo on the landing page.
  • We have switched the table we look at to return created at for an item; we should be using the sub table, not the base item table.
  • We have corrected the `/resource-types/` OPTIONS request; `public` is not a required field.