App – [v1.14.1]

In this release, we fixed several small bugs and made some tweaks. The next release will focus on the dashboards, so we wanted to clear the decks.


  • We have updated the pagination parameters helper; we have added the ability to override the default pagination limit and offset.
  • We have updated our cache management class; we can now optionally clear the cache for summary routes.
  • We have updated the confirmation messages for items; the confirmation messages will correctly refer to the item type.
  • We have updated all the API class fetch functions; we have added an optional parameter to force the local cache to be clear before a fetch.
  • We have reviewed the cache keys we clear after API POST, PATCH and DELETE requests.
  • We have tweaked the summary blocks again; we are slowly getting the design right.
  • We have moved the delete confirmation buttons; the buttons will be above the fold.


  • We have fixed the pagination on the item detail pages; the pagination controls were non-functional.
  • We have fixed an issue with the create allocated expense form; the copy item logic was throwing an error.
  • We have fixed an issue with the copy functionality; two values do not get populated on the form.
  • We have fixed an issue with the create forms; we are passing an incorrectly formatted date to the date fields.
  • We have updated the summaries when a resource has no items/expenses; the last updated date incorrectly gets set to 1st Jan 1970.
  • We have corrected a couple of views within the App. We were assuming types of data would exist when they won’t for new users.