App – [v1.15.0]

In this release, we have updated the development dashboards; our dashboards are much closer to what we intend for the initial release. We have also added support for partial transfers and transfers.


  • We have added the ability to transfer an item/expense from one resource to another.
  • We have added the ability to enter partial transfers for expenses.
  • We have added new and improved dashboards to all levels of the site; we show much more information than before, no longer just the total count/cost.


  • We have updated our roadmap; we have decided to expand the initial offering.
  • We have added a banner to the top of the site when it is in development mode; we will need to start locking partially developed features due to their scope—being able to see the site mode will hopefully help to reduce errors.
  • We have simplified the menu; we don’t need duplicated options in the App menu when there are on-screen controls.
  • We have tweaked the mobile layout; add, edit and delete controls are more visible and consistently positioned.