API – [v2.12.1]

In this release, we have reworked the majority of the code responsible for handling the different item type. As we added additional item types, it became clear we had a problem. We have reworked the system to be more configuration driven ready for version 3 of the API.


  • We have reworked our item configuration; we are moving away from multiple item type classes and moving towards a configuration based setup.


  • We have updated web.config; our server will not serve static JSON files.
  • We have updated our back-end dependencies.
  • We will no longer send request error mails for 404s; the number of emails is getting out of hand.
  • We have updated our cache manager; some endpoints will only ever have a public cache, never a private cache.


  • We have fixed a small bug when creating items of type ‘simple-item’ and ‘simple-expense’; we are not setting a date for ‘created_at`.
  • We have tweaked our cache management system; our system will not create a private cache for authenticated users when they are looking at public endpoints for which they have no permissions.
  • We have updated the allowed values for some OPTIONS requests; the allowed values are sometimes not displaying.
  • We have made a minor tweak to the query for selecting cache keys.