API – [v2.12.2]

In this release we fix a few small bugs and make another tiny change to out cache management system. For the next release we are going to move all cache clear requests to queues.


  • We have added additional tests to our POSTMAN test collection to ensure allowed values exist where expected.
  • We have updated our OPTIONS responses for summary controllers; where relevant, and we show the allowed values for a parameter or field.


  • We have updated our back-end dependencies.
  • We have updated our OPTIONS requests; in some cases, we were not showing allowed values for POST fields and GET parameters.


  • We have tweaked our cache query; we use UNIX_TIMESTAMP() for comparison.
  • We have removed a unique index from the resource_type table.
  • We have updated the OPTIONS response for the resource-types collection; we show the allowed values for the item_type_id.