API – [v2.16.1]

In this release, we correct a minor cache issue and add extra information to resource type objects.


  • We have updated the friendly_name for item types; the updated names provide more information and make customising the App simpler.
  • We have updated the item-type object included within the resource type object; the item-type object will include the friendly_name field.
  • We have updated the description for our game item type; we are going to support dice games.
  • We have removed the duplicated includeUnpublished functions and added a reusable method to our Clause class.
  • We have disabled sessions for our web routes.


  • We have corrected an issue with our cache; we were incorrectly creating public cache entries rather than private cache entries. No data is leaking because the cache for resource types controls access and the resource type cache is correct.
  • We have renamed the method which adds the clause to include unpublished costs. By default, the method excludes unpublished expenses, so we renamed the method to make the intention clear.