API – [v2.06.2]

In this release, we continue our long-term task of ensuring the API can handle all the different item-types we have planned. The initial version of the API focused on expenses; slowly, we are adjusting the API to a more modular system.


  • We are now locally caching the permitted and viewable resource types; this change means we can skip a more expensive query per API request whilst the response is cached, we are experimenting with the TTL.


  • We have added item name and description fields to the partial-transfers collection.
  • We have updated the schema for partial-transfers.
  • We have updated the game item-type; the winner field will now be null or an object, the object will have an id and a name.
  • We have updated the OPTIONS request for the game item-type; the allowed values for the winner field will display if necessary.
  • We have tweaked our middleware; we use our Hash class rather than duplicating the effort.
  • We have created several new classes to generate the allowed values data; these new classes are specific to each of our supported item-type. This change will speed up the OPTIONS requests for the non allocated-expense item type as we will no longer query the database when we know there will be no results.
  • We have added a check to limit access to the partial-transfers route. The ‘allocated-expense’ item-type supports the partial-transfers feature, partial-transfers don’t make sense for the other item-types.
  • We have drastically simplified route validation. The API controls access to resources at the resource type level; we have updated all route checks to validate the requested resource type rather than validate specific access to the request entity.


  • We have corrected several configuration file calls; our calls were looking at transfers, not partial transfers.
  • We have added localisation files for the simple-item and game item-type, several were missing.