API – [v2.17.1]

In this release, we add the X-Last-Updated header to many more routes. We are going to conditionally cache responses in the Costs to Expect App and need to know the last time the content changed, one day we will use the etag.


  • We have added the X-Last-Updated header to the resource-types, resources, categories, subcategories, items and resource items collection routes.
  • We have added the X-Last-Updated header to additional summary routes; the header was missing, and we are going to use it.
  • We have increased the coverage of our request test suite.
  • We have relocated our Transformer classes; we have moved them out of the Models namespace.


  • We have updated the way we calculated the value for X-Last-Updated. We are using the max of the created at and updated at, not just looking at the created at time.