App – [v1.21.1]

We have made a number of fixes and tweaks, the changes can be seen below.


  • We have added named section links, you will be taken to the relevant data, not the top of a page.
  • We have updated our back-end dependencies.
  • We have added ‘expires’ to the “API Requests” table shown at the bottom on each page.


  • With have fixed a small issue where the menu was not highlighting the active menu item.
  • We have updated the summary layouts for mobile devices; the summary counts have a little more breathing room.
  • We have increased our minimum TTL to 30 days. The one-day TTL was making a mockery of our asynchronous group requests when one or more requests return an empty response.
  • We have corrected an issue with our create resource forms; the ‘effective_date’ field HTML was malformed.
  • When you copy an expense of type ‘allocated-expense’, the effective date is copied.