First beta update

We have released an update to Budget which includes the first batch of changes raised by our beta users.

Please review the below and let us know if there is anything we have missed. Our goal is to make Budget as easy to use as possible and all the lessons we learn with Budget will make Budget Pro better.

Locked in the demo

Users who opted to load the demo felt locked in once the demo had loaded; there was no obvious way to return to the beginning and create your own Budget. Our thought process was based around the user “adopting” the demo and using it as the starting point for their own Budget. We have added a button which always shows next to “Adopt” which takes the user to the reset page so they can reset their App and start afresh.


We had added four more currencies to the App – Candian, Australian and New Zealand Dollar and the India Rupee. We will add additional currencies upon request – just let us know if there are currencies you’d like included.

Hello fellow developers!

The Budget App is open source. We reviewed the README and have updated the installation instructions to ease setup and we have added some helpful values into the .env.example file.

You can set up your own instance of Budget or even submit suggestions via GitHub. All contributions welcome and very much appreciated.