Increased limit to one hundred budget items

We have published a few new features for the Budget App which are now available – check it out or continue reading to see what we’ve changed.

Increased limit

We use Budget ourselves and our mantra is that if it isn’t suitable for our needs, then it isn’t likely to be suitable for anyone else. We received feedback concerning the limit and got close to hitting it ourselves. We don’t want to think about reaching the limit again so we’ve increased the limit to one hundred budget items.

Account identifiers

If you track multiple accounts, there is an important piece of information missing from the Budget overview – the account an expense relates to. Space is at a premium on the Budget Overview; we can’t add the name of the account in addition to everything else as it will end up looking too busy. To solve this, we now allow you to set a colour for each account. Each expense will now include a small icon in the relevant colour so you can identity the account related to the expense.


We have made a couple of minor changes to the design of the projection sections – primarily for mobile users. This area of the Budget overview is very much work in progress and we are figuring out to use the extra space for tablet and desktop users.

Other changes

We have tweaked the expense bars to show a larger differentiation for smaller value expenses. Under £5 will now display differently to under £25.

We have made a couple of minor content changes and update the included env.example file for any developers who may want to host their own version of Budget.

On the way

We have several features in the works, feedback has been incredible and by using it ourselves, we are able to see where the usability falls down.

  • We are going to add a search to the Budget overview
  • We are going to add a “transfer” option – more on this soon.
  • We are going to add the ability to act on multiple budget items at once. Again, more on this soon.