Budget overview tweaks

We have published a few more new features for Budget – all focused around improving the usability of the Budget overview. Check it out or continue reading to find out more.


We have added a simple search to the Budget overview which should make it easier to find the expense you’re after especially now that we’ve increased the number of budget items to 100. Once you enter three characters in the search, the Budget overview will start filtering.

Toggle paid

We have added a toggle to allow you to show and hide paid budget items. This is particularly useful near the end of the month when you want to see the last few remaining expenses. No more searching, just click the button and we hide all the budget items you have marked as paid.

Multiple “new” buttons

We have split the “New Budget Item” button and there are now three – “New Expense”, “New Income” and when conditions are met, “New Saving”. The forms for each have been slightly reduced as we have been able to remove any fields not necessary to the budget item type.

On the way

We have several features in the works and in the next version we are hoping to add support for batch actions. You will be able to mark multiple expenses as paid, no more needing to go into each one.