Demo tweaks

We have published another couple of updates and fixes for Budget, this time we reviewed the demo.


New users can load a demo on sign-in, this makes it easy to review the App design and all its features without first having to enter your data. The demo didn’t do a good enough job of highlighting the features of Budget so in addition to now including a one-off expense, the demo also includes examples of disabled, paid, and adjusted expense items.

The demo is now also aware of when it is created, one off and annual expenses will always be visible in the first displayed month.

Budget Overview

We have continued to tweak the Budget overview, we have added spacing to separate sections, adjusted text sizes where we felt necessary and tweaked the pagination so that you will always return to the projections.


  • When a budget item is deleted, local cache will be deleted if necessary.
  • We have removed some unnecessary backend dependencies.

On the way

We have two major features on the way – support for batch actions (marking multiple expenses paid etc.) and budget overview sorting controls. These will be the last two major features before we remove the beta label.