Final tweaks before the Official Release

We have published a few minor updates as we get ready to remove the beta tag and replace it with an official tag.

Toggle Paid

If you use the show and hide paid toggle, you will no longer need to keep toggling it as you use the App – we have updated the App to retain your view preferred setting so where you go we display what you requested.

Improved budget item list search

We have reworked the search for the budget items list. The search will now match your search term against the name, description, and amount for each item, this should make it easier to find what you are looking for. Additionally, the entire row for a budget item will remain visible, not just the half containing the match.

Privacy Policy

We have added our privacy policy. There will be no surprises it when you read it; very simply we don’t track you and we will never sell or pass on your data.


We have also adjusted the spacing in a couple of sections, tweaked the footer, fixed an alignment issue on mobile and renamed the “back” button when viewing a budget item.

Official Release

The next release will be the official release. We need to do a final pass over the content and add more help pages. We’re aiming for the end of this week.