API – [v2.10.2]

In this release, we fix a few small issues and tweak a few things. While we were tweaking, we updated the API to Laravel 7. Changed We have updated all item endpoints to return `updated`; this is the date and time an item was updated, not its category assignments. We have updated item collection and […]

App – [v1.13.0]

In this release, we have added resource type management, on creating a resource type you select your tracking method. We have also reviewed the App and added help text where we feel the user may need a little guidance. Added We have added the ability to create a resource type; when you create a resource […]

App – [v1.12.0]

Added We have added the ability to delete a resource; a resource is only deletable when it has no expenses or items. Changed We have tweaked our API requests; we will no longer include parameters that we know the API ignores. We have updated the App to play better with the Costs to Expect API. […]

App – [v1.11.0]

In this release, we have completed base item management and started work on resource management. For the next feature release, we are hoping to finish resource and resource type management and start work on the new dashboards. Added We have added the ability to delete an allocated-expense, simple-expense and simple-item. We have added the ability […]

App – [v1.10.0]

In this release, we populate the item detail pages, fix a couple of permission visibility bugs and improve the performance of the App by removing redundant API requests. Added We have added helper methods to return the write permissions for all resource types and specific resource types. We have populated the data on the item […]

App – [v1.09.0]

In this release, we are moving closer to having the detail pages for an item (allocated-expense, simple-expense, simple-item). The detail pages surface functionality: we need them in place to move on with development. Added We have updated the expense and item tables. The category and subcategory names are links which will set the category and […]

API – [v2.10.0]

In this release of the API, we add support for partial transfers. Partial transfers allow you to portion a percentage of an expense from one resource to another.  Using children as an example; you buy a cot for your child, later, when you have a second child you can transfer 50% of the expense to […]

App – [v1.08.0]

In this release, we update the management of `simple-item` items. You can add items directly from the data table as well as adjust the quantity. Added We have added an inline form to the `simple-item` data table; this allows quick addition of items. We have added increment and decrement buttons to the `simple-item` data table; […]

App – [v1.07.0]

In this release, we have added editing. You may be wondering why it took so long, well, we wanted to get the base of the App just right before we started to increase functionality.  Added We have added the ability to edit `allocated-expenses`, `simple-expenses` and `simple-items`. We have added edit icons to the resource data […]

API – [v2.09.4]

For this release, we make a couple more changes, changes that do not only exist to help the App. If you review the API response for an `item` with the relevant include parameters set, it makes sense to include the `uri` field. Changed  When a response includes additional data via the include parameters, we include […]