App – [v1.05.0]

In this release, we have added the ability to create `simple-expense` and `simple-item` items; the functionality of the App just increased, Mrs Costs to Expect can now log “bucket” expenses as well as manage lists. Added We have added the ability to create `simple-expenses` and `simple-items`. We have updated the resource summaries; they are now […]

App – [v1.04.0]

In this release of the App, we have added a new welcome page and made all views work for each item type. In addition to the new additions, we have fixed a small bug and made several minor tweaks. Added We have updated the tables and filtering controls, they are now specific to the relevant […]

API – [v2.09.1]

For this point release, we spent some time fixing and tweaking issues related to adding new item types. Changed We have renamed the existing Interfaces, more straightforward names. We have added additional Interfaces interfaces for the summary models. We have refactored several model classes to again, simplify the naming. We have corrected multiple summary config […]

API – [v2.09.0]

In this release of the API, we have added general support for filtering; when we say filtering, we mean limiting the results by range. There are now four operations available to collections, pagination, ordering, filtering on a range and filtering on specific values. We will add range filtering to the remaining non-item routes over time; […]