API – [v2.17.1]

In this release, we add the X-Last-Updated header to many more routes. We are going to conditionally cache responses in the Costs to Expect App and need to know the last time the content changed, one day we will use the etag. Changed We have added the X-Last-Updated header to the resource-types, resources, categories, subcategories, […]

API – [v2.17.0]

In this release, we rework our item controllers, add a `complete` filter for the `game` item-type and reorganise all item-type classes. Added  We have added a `complete` parameter for the `game` item-type; when the parameter is included and set to true, only complete games will be returned in collections and summaries. Changed We have added […]

API – [v2.06.2]

In this release, we continue our long-term task of ensuring the API can handle all the different item-types we have planned. The initial version of the API focused on expenses; slowly, we are adjusting the API to a more modular system. Added We are now locally caching the permitted and viewable resource types; this change […]