App – [v1.15.0]

In this release, we have updated the development dashboards; our dashboards are much closer to what we intend for the initial release. We have also added support for partial transfers and transfers. Added We have added the ability to transfer an item/expense from one resource to another. We have added the ability to enter partial […]

App – [v1.14.1]

In this release, we fixed several small bugs and made some tweaks. The next release will focus on the dashboards, so we wanted to clear the decks. Changed We have updated the pagination parameters helper; we have added the ability to override the default pagination limit and offset. We have updated our cache management class; […]

App – [v1.14.0]

In this release, we add the final missing piece for the base of the App, categories management. Added We have added an overview page for resource type categories; the overview page acts as the base for all category and subcategory management. We have added the ability to create categories and subcategories. When creating a subcategory, […]

API – [v2.10.2]

In this release, we fix a few small issues and tweak a few things. While we were tweaking, we updated the API to Laravel 7. Changed We have updated all item endpoints to return `updated`; this is the date and time an item was updated, not its category assignments. We have updated item collection and […]