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  • Account filter and other tweaks

    We have published a new release of Budget, we have added an account filter and also improved the general quality of the UI.

  • Official Release Changes

    The official release of Budget is ready, find out what changes made it into the official release.

  • Final tweaks before the Official Release

    We have published a few minor updates as we get ready to remove the beta tag and replace it with an official tag. Toggle Paid If you use the show and hide paid toggle, you will no longer need to keep toggling it as you use the App – we have updated the App to […]

  • Demo tweaks

    We have published another couple of updates and fixes for Budget, this time we reviewed the demo. Demo New users can load a demo on sign-in, this makes it easy to review the App design and all its features without first having to enter your data. The demo didn’t do a good enough job of […]

  • More Budget overview tweaks

    We have published another couple of updates and fixes for Budget as we took another look at the projections and monthly totals. Projections We weren’t happy with our previous tweak so we had another go. The “Edit account” button didn’t seem in the right place and it felt like the dates and balances were not […]

  • How to manage your food budget

    There are lots of things which have helped us enormously with our budgeting – not least keeping a track of what we spend on the kids (more blogs to follow!) but in the past few years, we’ve adjusted how we approach the dreaded food shop and this has had huge benefits – not least financially. […]

  • Budget overview tweaks

    We have published a few more new features for Budget – all focused around improving the usability of the Budget overview. Check it out or continue reading to find out more. Search We have added a simple search to the Budget overview which should make it easier to find the expense you’re after especially now […]

  • Increased limit to one hundred budget items

    We have published a few new features for the Budget App which are now available – check it out or continue reading to see what we’ve changed. Increased limit We use Budget ourselves and our mantra is that if it isn’t suitable for our needs, then it isn’t likely to be suitable for anyone else. […]

  • Budget beta fixes and new features

    We have published a couple of fixes for the Budget beta both of which relate to editing an expense. Account / Target account When you edit an expense, the “account” and “target account” fields will now be set to the correct value. Previously, the first value was always selected. One-off expenses Editing a one-off expense […]

  • First beta update

    We have released an update to Budget which includes the first batch of changes raised by our beta users. Please review the below and let us know if there is anything we have missed. Our goal is to make Budget as easy to use as possible and all the lessons we learn with Budget will […]