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  • API – v2.24.0 & Progress Update

    Changelog for the v2.24.0 Costs to Expect API release & a small progress update/plan

  • How it evolved

    How it evolved So in my first blog, I explained how Costs to Expect all began – as an all-consuming social experiment to track how much it costs to raise children to the age of 18. As I said, in the beginning hubby kept a very crude excel spreadsheet which literally recorded what the expense […]

  • How it all started

    When I first met hubby, I was blissfully unaware of just how his mind worked.  As I got to know him, I realised that his career in web development was the perfect fit for how his brain worked. He questions absolutely everything; likes to find a solution to every problem and refuses to accept things […]

  • The wrong tests

    We aren’t sure how it happened, but we ended up with the feature tests for the Costs to Expect API being a Postman collection. There are over four hundred requests in the test collection and thousands of assertions are run on the responses, somewhere in the region of three thousand. We like Postman, we use […]

  • API – [v2.19.0]

    With the impending releases we are making the API more testable and improving the first-install process. Added We have started transferring our Postman response tests to local feature tests. We have added tests for the Authentication controller. We have started writing tests for the ResourceTypeManage controller. We have updated /auth/forgot-password and /auth/register, both now support a send GET parameter, if defined, no email will […]

  • API – [v2.18.0]

    We are working towards releasing the beta for the Costs to Expect App and releasing other apps; we have therefore opened up the registration on the API. Added We have opened up registration on the API; you can register, login, and use all the expected authentication features. We have added notification emails for registration and […]

  • App – [v1.21.2]

    We had to tweak our sign-in after a change to the Costs to Expect API, the API switched to Sanctum from Passport. Changed Switch to Sanctum on the Costs to Expect API, minor changes required. Fixed We have updated our cache invalidation; we will not clear as many cache entries on resource creation.

  • App – [v1.21.1]

    We have made a number of fixes and tweaks, the changes can be seen below. Changed We have added named section links, you will be taken to the relevant data, not the top of a page. We have updated our back-end dependencies. We have added ‘expires’ to the “API Requests” table shown at the bottom […]

  • App – [v1.21.0]

    We have switched to using queues to clear cache. Added We have added migrations for the job and failed jobs table; we are switching to queues. We have switched to queues for cache clearing. Approximately 50% of our clear cache requests will be delayed and processed later; the rest of the clears are synchronous; it […]

  • API – [v2.17.1]

    In this release, we add the X-Last-Updated header to many more routes. We are going to conditionally cache responses in the Costs to Expect App and need to know the last time the content changed, one day we will use the etag. Changed We have added the X-Last-Updated header to the resource-types, resources, categories, subcategories, […]