App – [v1.03.1]

We have released a minor update to the Costs to Expect App. We are adding new `item types` to the Costs to Expect API and needed to push out a small release to ensure the App correctly handles data it doesn’t understand.

The full changelog is below:


  • We have added a helper method to the `Request\Response\Result` class, `hasResponse()`.
  • We have updated the `Request\Api` class to ensure a response exists before attempting to cache the result or results from multiple requests.
  • We have made some minor tweaks so that the app doesn’t error when an unknown item type gets added to the Costs to Expect API.

Website – [v1.12.0]

We have released a new version of the Costs to Expect Website.

The Website was far too needy and we needed to tweak the cache settings, we are closer to a sensible cache setup and will work to improve it in the future.

The full changelog is below:


  • We have added caching for the requests not covered in the v1.11.0 update.


  • We have updated the back-end dependencies.
  • We have updated the front-end dependencies and switch to using the slim and minified versions.
  • We have refactored the ‘Request/Api’ class to remove code duplication.
  • We have increased the cache lifetime to four hours.


  • We have fixed a typo in the ‘Request/Api’ class.